Art galleries come alive with new media innovations (video)

One of my hobbies is “collecting” art museums.  I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many of the world’s greatest art palaces and so could not miss the opportunity to visit Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum and the National Gallery in Edinburgh on my recent trip to Scotland.

I’m beginning to see examples of how new media is augmenting traditional art displays. I’m a bit conflicted about adding this “showmanship” but I also recognize that combining these mediums can help display and explain art in exciting new ways, especially if your audience is digital-savvy to begin with.

In this short video I provide examples of these mash-ups. Let me know what you think about it.

And just for fun, here is a list of my top 20 favorite art museums (at least so far):

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City
  2. Musee d”Orsay – Paris
  3. Courtauld Institute – Paris (small but great Impressionist collection)
  4. MOMA – New York
  5. Art Institute – Chicago
  6. Uffizi Gallery – Florence
  7. Peggy Guggenheim Museum – Venice (small but what a setting!)
  8. British Museum – London
  9. Prado Museum – Madrid
  10. Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam
  11. Getty Museum – Los Angeles
  12. Vatican Museum – Rome (would put it higher but so crowded)
  13. Tate Museum of Modern Art – London
  14. Museum of Fine Arts Boston
  15. National Gallery – Washington DC
  16. Carnegie Museum of Art  Pittsburgh (big displays in a small city!)
  17. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts – Moscow (surprisingly good display of Impressionists)
  18. Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille
  19. Royal Museum – Brussels
  20. Museu de Arte – Sao Paulo

If your fave is not here it is probably because I have not been there yet, with the exception of the Louvre.  I dislike the Louvre. It’s too big and too crowded. The whole experience feels like a train station to me. What museums do you enjoy and why? What do you think of the technology mash-up in the video?

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