Klout will introduce detailed new analytics (video)

I had the fortune of interviewing Klout CEO Joe Fernandez at SXSW and hope you’ll enjoy this short video.

While I only had a few minutes before we were literally being kicked out of the room, Joe discloses plans for a detailed new website. Joe participated in two panels here in Austin and was quite open about the opportunties, and the problems, of his social scoring system. “Can you remember what Google was like in 1997?” he said. “That’s where we are with Klout, that’s the mission we’re on.  It’s almost a ridiculous challenge.”

In addition to the short comments I captured on video here, Joe mentioned that Klout has been on a hiring frenzy to keep improving his service. The four prioirities he articulated were:

  • Addressing spam and bots
  • Focus on better defining influence by topic
  • Aligning his service with the goals of brands
  • Looking at different languages and countries.

He also mentioned several recent successes with Nike, HP and Clairol. “With Clairol, we targeted users of lip gloss and and found passionate bloggers who loved the product and the brand. Even I was surprised that we could have success with lip gloss.”

He also hinted that the actual Klout score we see publically is just “the tip of the iceberg” of analytics he is bringing to brand managers.

Joe has been a frequent visitor on {grow} — primarily to address controversy — and acknowledged that when he planned his product offering, the “ego component” was something he had not thought through.  “It’s been interesting to say the least,” he said. “But we keep improving the experience as best we can.”

Hope you enjoy the video. Let me know your thoughts on this latest information from Klout.

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