Shooting for the Starbucks of blogs

This week I was sitting in a crowded cafe off of a hotel lobby in New York City.  The cafe offered free coffee for the hotel guests and I helped myself to the delicious hot drink. I am not a coffee elitist. In fact, the more my coffee tastes like a milkshake, the happier I am.

A group sitting next to me had another idea.  They scoffed at the free coffee and sent a scouting party across the street — in the freezing sleet and rain — to round-up four coffees from Starbucks.  Probably paid $4.50 apiece for them.

I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between me — taking the convenient ‘free content” — versus the alternate group willing to go out of their way and pay for their content. As marketers and bloggers, isn’t that really our goal?  To be so unique, so insanely great, to be able to summon a powerful emotional connection that would drive people out into the sleet to find us!

That’s awesome. That’s what I want to be when I grow up. Or {grow} up as the case may be. I don’t intend to charge for blog content but I do want to provide that kind of value to readers. A few people have told me — “I would pay for your blog.” I think that is the highest compliment possible!

How about you? What would it take for people to want to PAY to read your blog? Are you up to that big of a challenge? If you reached for a goal like that, what would you be changing right now about your blog, your career, your team, or your company?

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