Power, influence and the social web

Mitch Joel hosted me on his excellent Six Pixels of Separation podcast this week and I’m really proud of this content.  I think you’ll love this lively discussion!   It’s a pretty wide-ranging look at power and influence on the social web …

  • Is there true power in reciprocity on the social web? Why is the power of favors toxic?
  • Why are new power brokers emerging who have little real business experience?  What is the source of that power?
  • What are the dangers and possible advantages of the “social proof” that occurs through badges like the number of Twitter followers and Klout scores?
  • How does power result in new monetization models?
  • Can anybody disagree with Chris Brogan and not get blasted by his followers?

Any way, it was a lot of fun and I would love your feedback, either here, or on Mitch’s blog.

Click on the image below to access the podcast!


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