SXSW dispatch Day Two

Day Two was another soggy, soggy event but the weather broke by the end of the day to unleash some joyous street celebrations!

SXSW is all about serendipity and I certainly had my share. Spent some quality time in the Samsung Blogger’s Lounge ans met Mashable Editor In Chief Lance Ulanoff. Interview forthcoming.

Had an amazing discussion with NY-based VC John Frankel who taught me a lot about VC strategy. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about — the increasingly important catalytical role of VC’s in economic growth.

Met and interviewed fellow McGraw-Hill author Dave Kerpan of Likeable Social Media fame.

Also got to catch a glimpse of actors Forrest Whittaker and Rainn Wilson (of The Office).

My consumption of conference content was somewhat constrained by the fact that the lines were so long to attend some events. Can you imagine going to the effort of attending this eventand not attending what you wanted to see because the crowds were so immense? One friend told me he stood in the badge pick-up lime for two hours.

The crowds and lines were so oppressive that I had to duck out in the middle of the day to a nearby “Oasis” sponsored by Spredfast, which was much appreciated.

Today I intend to walk the trade show to see the latest and greatest gadgets and start-up idea and excited that my first SXSW book signing is today at 3:30.

I’m not catching any clear winner of a Next Big Thing coming out of the conference, but an app called Highlight is getting a lot of buzz and curiously, lots people are predicting bigger things to come from Instagram.

I apologize for the insufficient glimpse of such amassive event. A some points there are 30-40 concurrent sessions, dozens of parties and so many interesting sights, conversations and people.

One lesson. It is nearly impossible to write a WordPress blog on an iPad!



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