How I am Embracing Change and Living Purposefully

embracing change

By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist

We can all recite the now cliche quote that marketing will change more in the next 5 years than it did in the last 50. We’ve all said at some point that change is the only constant. But do we really love it?

Change can be downright terrifying, yet for many of us it isn’t because we are terrified of something new. No, it is because our lives and our budgets are full, and every change, every new thing, takes something away from what we have today. If we could just keep adding, it would be so much easier.

Overwhelming changes

Our family has been on a change roller coaster the last few months. We’ve designed and built a house. Had a new baby girl. And left behind the urban and suburban life we had become so comfortable with over almost two decades, trading it all in for rural acreage that my colleagues already refer to as “the farm” (yes, that is it in the photo!).

Acreage has been a dream of ours for more than a decade, we finally moved a month ago. There were always reasons “now” wasn’t the right time, but had I known earlier what I know now about living purposefully, it would have happened so much sooner.

  • Have a vision. We had a dream, we even talked about plans, but that wasn’t enough. We didn’t change until we wrote down what this dream would provide for our children that we simply couldn’t get from the suburbs. We wrote it on a poster-size piece of paper and put it on the wall where it stared down at us at every meal.
  • Break your inertia. Few things have come to bother me more than what I call a default decision, or treating today the same way you did yesterday simply because you didn’t take the time to consider doing anything different. Every day we get is precious, what are you going to do today?
  • Get comfortable with discomfort. The future isn’t predictable. Our new home wasn’t complete by most standards, but the place we were renting ended up in foreclosure and we simply needed to move. Change takes time and there will be painful and unanticipated hiccups along the way. Count on it.

Change is the only option

Change is inevitable. Doing the same thing over and over today is just a slower road to failure. You can meander down the path, following the lead of others and changing along with those around you. Or you can establish your own vision and live purposefully, moving forward towards that vision today. Whatever choice you make, you will change.

If you are working to make a major change in your life, or you are being buffeted by changes thrown at you, put your vision on paper and commit to living more purposefully. The clarity and focus you gain will ground and strengthen you when otherwise you would be pushed off course.

So what vision are you pursuing today?

Eric WittlakeEric Wittlake spends his days working with B2B marketers and (occasionally) shares his marketing views on his personal blog, B2B Digital Marketing. You can find him on Twitter (@wittlake) when he isn’t working with B2B marketers.

Photo taken by the author from “the Farm”

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