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Throw out the stats. Talk to people.


I’ve been reading a couple articles about the latest social media stats, which some authors suggest are not leading to the “transformational” aspects of social media many expected.  They point to differences by region and socio-economic conditions as scientists try to squeeze insight from tables of numbers.

They’re looking in the wrong places for the truth.

Obviously the results of technology will reflect the people who use it.   Yes, there will be evil, corruption, and inequality.  That comes with the species.

But the whole story, the real story, the true transformational qualities of social media don’t show up on a graph.  The beauty of this “technology of connection” is embedded in individual stories.

For the first time in history, mankind has access to free, global, instantaneous communications.  There are countless connections happening —  new friendships, business contacts, supporters.  Sources of information, consolation, and inspiration.

I’ve built a foundation of new customers almost entirely through social media connections, discovered many new friends around the world who care for me, and even found the woman I love there, too.  These relationships never could have occurred without the technology, and they will never show up in a Harvard research study.

Put away the spreadsheets.  Get out there and talk to people. The transformation is in our hearts and minds and it is real.

Illustration: Karl Hilzinger
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