Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy

“Schaefer’s keen observations of human behavior combined with his sharp analytical mind produced what is sure to be a foundational text for the new world of brand-customer relationship building.”    LinkedIn Review of “Belonging to the Brand”

Futurist Mark Schaefer explains how three global megatrends are colliding to make community the next significant marketing priority.

The best-selling author of KNOWN and Marketing Rebellion tells us how companies overlook the massive marketing potential of community and why this is the only strategy our customers will actually embrace.

Filled with inspiring ideas and captivating case studies, Belonging to the Brand is an indispensable and practical guide for every company that believes its marketing can be something more than interrupting customers.

Mark’s tenth book hit number one Amazon in the categories of Marketing and Advertising shortly after its release date.

"A foundational text for the new world of brand-customer relationship building." -- LinkedIn

"A must-read for business leaders seeking to pivot in today’s rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape." -- Comstock magazine

"Mark Schaefer provides the world with a visionary take on what's next in marketing." -- Ruth Hartt

"A better way to market your business? This is the answer." -- Frank Prendergast

"A roadmap to reimagining the customer relationship." -- Samantha Stone

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