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Cumulative Advantage hits number one on Amazon

number one on amazon

Cumulative Advantage hits number one on Amazon

Mark Schaefer’s new book, Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for your Ideas, Business, and Life Against All Odds, hit number one in three Amazon bestseller categories: small business marketing, job hunting, and public relations.

Cumulative Advantage is Mark’s ninth book and the sixth book to hit number one in at least one Amazon category. Schaefer was the first author to hit number one on Amazon with a self-published book in 2015 with the smash bestseller The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business.

Cumulative Advantage explores a pattern of activity that can create momentum for a business. The book description explains:

At its essence, marketing today is about answering one question: “How can we be heard?” How can we rise above the din of infinite options to create sustainable meaning with an audience or group of customers?

Following the old rules of digital engagement is not enough … not nearly enough. Even being “great” is insufficient in the face of overwhelming competition redefining the limits of excellence every day.

From the best-selling author of KNOWN and Marketing Rebellion comes a practical guidebook built for the modern world. Cumulative Advantage demonstrates how the world is stacked against us in big ways and small and provides new ideas to help us build the unstoppable momentum needed to rise above these barricades.

Filled with motivating ideas and fascinating case studies, Cumulative Advantage is an indispensable and practical source of inspiration for every person with a dream that’s ready to take flight.

Mark Schaefer joins B Squared Media as Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Stanton, NJ – (May 19, 2020) – Brooke B. Sellas, founder and CEO of B Squared Media, announced a new business partnership with globally-recognized marketing expert and author, Mark Schaefer, Founder of Schaefer Marketing Solutions. This partnership will bring B Squared Media into a position to become recognized as a premier digital agency and online customer care solutions provider.

Effective immediately, Schaefer will become Chief Operating Officer for B Squared, overseeing the company’s expansion strategy and rapid growth.

B Squared Media is known in the digital marketing industry for its premier “done-for-you” approach to social media, advertising, and online customer care solutions with a focus on industry-leading applications of artificial intelligence (AI). Customer ROI for digital ad spend is among the highest levels in the industry.

“As a young CEO, I wanted someone to help me lead the rapid growth of the company,”  Sellas said. “I also knew that person needed to be an industry veteran with wisdom and a robust network. There was no other choice than Mark, who can help develop me as a CEO and add immense value to our expanding business.”

Mark Schaefer is one of the world’s leading marketing authorities, keynote speakers, and the author of eight bestselling books about digital marketing including KNOWN and Marketing Rebellion. He is also a faculty member of Rutgers University and the founder  of one of the world’s top business podcasts, “Marketing Companion.” Mark invited Brooke Sellas to become his podcast co-host in 2019.

“Working with Brooke and her team at this stage of my career is a precise fit,” Schaefer said. “B Squared is an elite provider of out-sourced social media services and their approach to online customer care solutions is simply the best in the world.

“In my role as a global marketing consultant, I get to see every business approach imaginable. B Squared is the fastest-growing company in its niche for a good reason – they see social media and online care as integral pieces of the customer experience, not just a box to be checked. This is why they’re the most trusted company in the space.”

Mark Schaefer founded Schaefer Marketing Solutions in 2008 and will continue to serve current customers and partners in addition to his new role with B Squared.

“Mark is one of the most respected thought leaders in the business,” said Sellas. “It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to offer his strategic guidance to our customers.

“B Squared Media has been rapidly growing for years now, so we are beyond thrilled that Mark’s guidance, leadership, and marketing expertise will enable us to navigate that growth in a strategic manner.”

[About B Squared Media]

Founded in 2012, B Squared Media is the premier boutique agency of the digital marketing world. The company’s mission is to empower brands to use social media channels to build loyal, lucrative communities by “thinking conversation, not campaign.” B Squared Media is among the fastest-growing digital agencies in North America. In 2018, Brooke Sellas was recognized as a “Top 25 Brand Builder” in New Jersey by Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners in partnership with New Jersey Monthly magazine. For more information about B Squared Media visit

[About Mark W. Schaefer]

Mark Schaefer is among the world’s most respected marketing thought leaders. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker, author, consultant, and educator. Complete details about Mark and his business can be found at


Mark Schaefer named top social media expert by SEJ

top social media expert

The prestigious Search Engine Journal named Mark Schaefer as its top social media expert for 2020.

In the write up, SEJ columnist Anna Bredava noted:

“Mark Schaefer is an extremely prominent voice in marketing. He is an author and a keynote speaker, and his latest book “Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins” has changed the way many marketing experts approach their job.

“He writes about the importance of relationships and the sense of belonging in marketing turning to psychology and even sociology as the basis for his social media marketing analysis and predictions.”

Where to follow: Follow Schaefer on Twitter to get involved in deep discussions on the state of social media marketing and read his blog for eye-opening insights.

My favorite piece: There was a lot to choose from, but this blog post about the business value of social media engagement was a winner for me. Show it to your boss next time they ask what is it exactly you’re doing.

Mark Schaefer is often recognized as a top social media expert based on his forward-thinking body of work:

First book on influence marketing: Return On Influence

Number one book on Twitter: The Tao of TwitterNumber one book on blogging

Number one book on SEO: The Content Code

Number one book on personal branding: KNOWN

His new book Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins hit number one in both the marketing and advertising categories on Amazon.

Schaefer is the Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, a faculty member of Rutgers University, and keynote speaker.

Mark Schaefer named Top 10 B2B marketing influencer

Keynote speaker and author Mark Schaefer has been named one of the Top 10 B2B influencers in the world in a recent study.

A variety of criteria went into the ranking including:

  • Topical relevance of the content each influencer publishes
  • Network engagement with on-topic content
  • Network size and reach

Online data for this ranking was pulled from Twitter, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, and several other platforms.

Mark Schaefer is a well-known marketing thought leader, keynote speaker, consultant and college educator.

Mark Schaefer helps you “embrace the chaos” with new book LESSONS

embrace the chaos

Mark Schaefer has released an experimental new book called LESSONS: Essays to Help You Embrace the Chaos.

The book is unusual in that it is a collection of essays previously published on the award-winning blog {grow}.

“Reflecting on my work, I realize that my blog has been a way for me to figure out the changes in this world,” Schaefer said. “How do I remain relevant? What do human relationships mean in the digital age? How is the business world evolving and what is my role?

“I’ve provided a lot of insight and advice but blog posts tend to get lost after a few weeks. This is a way for me to breathe new life into this work that has helped so many people.”

There are 32 essays in LESSONS, including topics like:

  • How to remain bot-proof
  • The intolerance of hustle
  • Best presentation skills
  • The importance of “belonging” in business
  • Personal branding truths
  • Why company culture is your marketing
  • Emotional paralysis and social media grief
  • Realistic content marketing
  • Networking in the digital age
  • My best entrepreneurial business lessons

LESSONS is available as an audio book an in a Kindle edition on on Amazon.

Mark Schaefer announces retreat for marketing leaders


retreat for marketing leaders

Mark Schaefer announced a new retreat for marketing leaders called The Uprising.

The event will be Oct 1-4 at the RT Lodge near Knoxville, TN.

“When I was writing Marketing Rebellion, I learned about the power of bringing people together,” Schaefer said. “It seemed obvious that I needed to follow my own advice and create a new meeting opportunity for my marketing friends.”

“The Uprising is the first step toward building an ongoing community of marketing leaders prepared to excel in a world of change and chaos. I’m bringing together 30 extraordinary people in a collaborative learning environment to create breakthrough insights on forward-thinking subjects.”

He said the format of the event is not traditional lectures and panel discussions. Every participant will have the ability to contribute their own expertise to vital discussions, led by our facilitators. This is an intimate meeting of diverse thought leaders preparing for change, not a college classroom.

Note: The Uprising has sold out for 2019. Watch this space for an announcement about a 2020 program.

Content Code book now available in Japanese

content code

Mark Schaefer’s book The Content Code has been translated into Japanese.

Japan’s UNI Agency purchased the rights to the book and produced a bold new version of the classic 2015 book.

Content Code has won several international awards and was recently named the best book on SEO by an industry site.

The book details the strategies needed to overcome overwhelming information density and stand out in a very competitive world.

Mark Schaefer featured in Fast Company magazine

Mark Schaefer was featured in a Fast Company article titled How to Clean up Your Personal Brand.

A sample from the article:

First, get a vision for what you need to define, what you do want reflected in the world, says Mark Schaefer, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, a Louisville, Tennessee-based marketing consultancy and author of Known: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age. Schaefer says there’s a difference between being “internet famous” and curating a specific personal brand that will help you become known in your industry.

“If there’s a lot of competition, I don’t think that should necessarily scare you off, but you need to find a voice, an angle, an approach that’s different from others. It’s a very busy world. It’s a very noisy and competitive world, but there are lots of strategies to help you stand out,” Schaefer says.

Brooke Sellas named new co-host of Marketing Companion podcast

Brooke Sellas

Brooke Sellas

Mark Schaefer announced that Brooke Sellas, founder and CEO of B Squared Media, will join him as the new co-host of the long-running Marketing Companion podcast.

The podcast, now entering its seventh year on the air, is widely-known as the most entertaining business podcast and is on many industry “best-of” lists. It was named one of the top 1% of all business podcasts (by downloads) by the Libsyn syndication service.

Sellas replaces Tom Webster of Edison Research, the show’s original co-host since 2013. He is leaving the show to pursue other creative efforts more in-line with his emerging business interests.

“Tom and I had a chemistry that made the show special,” said Schaefer. “That’s why I’m so excited Brooke accepted my invitation. We’ve been friends, co-workers, and collaborators for many years. We have a pre-existing chemistry. She’ll being an extraordinary new energy to the show. I couldn’t be more excited!”

GrowthHackers names Mark Schaefer top marketing influencer

GrowthHackers, the largest online community for growth professionals,  analyzed 76,970 articles published between 2016 and 2018 on their online community. Based on the number of times people were mentioned in posts, they identified individuals most influential to their community.

Mark Schaefer was named number 31, behind such influencers as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg.

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