Mark Schaefer is one of the most effective marketing consultants available today, having crafted strategies for large global brands like Adidas and Johnson & Johnson to a small winery in Provence, to non-profits, and even city governments.

Mark starts his consulting engagement by immersing himself in your company culture and market data. He may bring in trusted experts from his vast network to develop additional insights.

“To me, the most important word in marketing is maneuver,” he said. “We can’t just go in and do what everyone else is doing. We need to find unique leverage.”

Schaefer’s approach is uniquely successful in part due to his background in organizational development.

I may be the only marketing consultant around with an MBA and a master’s degree in applied behavioral sciences,” he said. “I look at the organization in a holistic way, considering the company culture, history, politics, bureaucracy and strengths. We have to create something that works, not a document that sits on a shelf.

Some examples of how companies have used Mark to help with marketing strategy:

  • A large pharmaceutical company was acting on their extensive market research but nothing was happening. They needed to know why.
  • A small animation company needed to find a way to compete against larger companies with more resources.
  • A mid-sized marketing agency was thinking about entering a new market. Was the time right?
  • A non-profit in the U.K. needed to raise its profile, with the goal of earning more grant money.
  • A university wanted to reinvent its process to connect to high school students interested in attending their college.
  • A Canadian city needed to dig deep to discover the unique qualities that made it a great place to live.
  • An economic think tank wanted to find a way to connect to Gen Z.
  • A consumer products company needed ideas on how to become “the most human company” in its industry.
  • A restaurant chain had been burned by some bad news and needed a strategy to re-build confidence in its brand.
  • A healthcare chain needed to find a way to engage on social media yet comply with a complex legal environment.

In each of these cases, Mark unlocked new insights that led to breakthrough success.

To learn more about affordable opportunities to work with Mark Schaefer, contact him today.

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