The Uprising

The Uprising

By far the best online event I've ever attended.

Jack Bailey, WV State University

There is nothing like this. Mark did something deep here that I have never seen before. It went to a different place.

Melissa Wilson, CEO Networlding

The intellectual power in the room is astounding.

Dan Nestle, Mitsubishi

Inspirational, educational and affirming for those of us who want to help marketing serve the world, not annoy it.

Evelyn Starr, branding consultant

The best marketing event I have even been part of, period.

Nathan Dube, Industrial Packaging

Sorry this event has been sold out.

It’s time to re-imagine marketing. Together.


There will be a live Uprising event in Knoxville September 14-17, 2021. Please contact Mark for details if you have an interest in attending.

Traditional classes and conferences aren’t preparing marketing leaders for the unprecedented changes in the business world. While most events provide tips and tricks to iterate on “what is,” The Uprising is an intimate, private event focused on the concepts and skills needed for leaders to conquer what is next.

Due to the pandemic, our retreat will occur in a small online format — About two and a half hours of content per day for three consecutive days.

The Uprising is a co-created event — a blend of inspiring and powerful presentations, thought-provoking discussions, and meaningful networking with new friends.

Due to the overwhelming demand for this event (the first online event sold out in three hours) I’ve decided to have two identical sessions to limit attendance to 30 but allow more people to participate from around the world.

The format is approximately 2.5 hours per day for three days. Here are the 2021 session dates you can choose from:

  • February 9, 10, 11 (from noon US Eastern Time to about 3 p.m. each day)
  • February 23, 24, 25 (from noon US Eastern Time to about 3 p.m. each day)

The Uprising Team

Every participant plays a role in The Uprising, but the conversations will be led by these outstanding marketing thought leaders:

  • Mathew Sweezey is a pioneering marketing thought leader for Salesforce and the author of “The Context Marketing Revolution” one of the most important books of recent years. He will be speaking on “Marketing at the Speed of Life”

  • Mari Smith is among the most accomplished social media marketing experts in the world. She’ll be talking to our group about positive marketing leadership … even in dark times.

  • Mark Schaefer is the host of The Uprising and a globally-acclaimed keynote speaker, author, and strategy consultant. At the February events, Mark will consider how companies have responded to the Marketing Rebellion challenge to “be more human.”

  • Nina Schick is the author of “Deep Fakes” and an expert on synthetic content. She’ll help us re-imagine marketing in the context of this startling new technology.

  • Keith Reynold Jennings is an executive with Jackson Healthcare in Atlanta. Keith will lead us through a discussion of the perils and potential of meaning-based marketing.

  • Havilah Tower-Perkins is the director of social business for Dell Technologies. She’ll help us understand how to create meaningful marketing change, even in a massive B2B company.

The Venue

Unfortunately, we can’t re-create the storybook lodge-like setting of our live event in Tennessee, but we can create an environment of wonderful discussion and fellowship online.

In our first online event, 100 percent of the participants rated The Uprising a five out five stars.

Each day we will have short talks by our discussion leaders followed by questions and small discussions. We’re also planning a few surprises along the way as we bring you an online experience unlike any other.

And we’ll be bringing the LIVE event back to Tennessee September 14-17, 2021 so we can experience settings like this:

The Community

The Uprising is an event of co-created ideas, meaningful small group discussions, relaxed contemplation, intimate networking, and personal interactions with top marketing thought leaders.

Many have described The Uprising as “transformational” due to the generosity, personal support, and inspiration they receive throughout this immersive experience.

We will focus on:

  • 1Forward-thinking, actionable new ideas based on real-world business needs.
  • 2Personal interaction with me and other thought leaders.
  • 3Opportunity for on-going learning on the future of marketing.
  • 4A chance to re-energize through a stimulating new group of friends.

The community will grow over time as other Uprising Retreats are completed.

Is The Uprising right for you?

Some people have told me they feel nervous about registering for The Uprising. They may be wondering if they have enough experience, or if they will have anything to add to discussions led by accomplished marketing thought leaders.

Everyone who comes to this online retreat is valued, supported, and absolutely immersed in the community. Diversity of thought, heritage, experience, and age is essential and celebrated.

If you have a passion to learn, grow, and help us figure out what’s next in the world of marketing, you’re ready for The Uprising. Everyone belongs, and is accepted here.


The cost of The Uprising is just $375, a fraction of the cost of the live event.

Participants should prepare for this schedule:

DAY ONE (noon Eastern Time): Our first day will be an orientation to the platform, an exclusive new presentation from Mark Schaefer, Mathew Sweezey Presenting “Marketing at the Speed of Life” and networking.

DAY TWO (noon): Havilah Towers-Perkins will lead a discussion on the future of social media and Nina Schick will discuss “synthetic content”

DAY THREE (noon) Keith Jennings will present on The promise of values-baed marketing and Mari Smith will lead a discussion on positive leadership in a time of crisis. Mari Smith on positive marketing leadership. Other speakers will be announced soon.

Are you in?

You can become part of The Uprising community by registering now. The cost is USD $375.

RETURN POLICY: Tickets are fully refundable up until 60 days before the event. One-half of the price will be refunded up until 30 days before the event. Ticket holders may transfer or sell their spot to another person as an option.

Both sessions will feature the same speakers. Click on one date to register now.

The Uprising (Feb 9-11)

There are currently NO spots open for this session.

The Uprising (Feb 23-25)

There are currently NO spots open for this session.

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