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Mark Schaefer is the top-rated social media speaker and keynote presenter at conferences all over the world. With over 30 years of marketing experience, Mark is one of the most sought after marketing keynote speakers. He specializes in marketing strategy and social media.


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Social Media Speaking Engagements

Mark offers all types of social media training and speaking engagements to meet your goals and budget. Whether you need social media keynote speakers to ignite your conference or a full-day marketing workshop, we can create a program to meet your needs. Recent speaking engagements include Social Media Marketing World, Social Media Week and Content Marketing World to name a few.


I knew we were in for some great instruction but in the course of his visit, Mark transcended the promise of being an effective teacher. An hour dissolved into an instant. But even more remarkably, he generated a ‘majestic synergy’ from the encounter – an elixir of wisdom, passion, laughter, and the power of human connection. You could say he left an enduring mark.

CMO Fortune 500 Company

Our highest rated speaker.

Event Planner, Automotive Conference

4.8 out of 5.0 rating. We have never had a feedback rating that high.

Content Marketing World Sydney

Whenever you see that Mark Schaefer is speaking, DON’T MISS IT!! He is awesome, wise, savvy and truly at the top of my list of best!

VP, Hospitality Industry

A true pro. He seamlessly worked stories about our company into his talk for maximum impact and audience connection. Totally exceeded expectations!

CMO International Healthcare company

Now I understand why so many people love Mark Schaefer. What a fun keynote. And he IS a brainiac.

CMO, aerospace industry

I want Mark to speak at my event

Example Talks

KNOWN: Unleashing your personal brand in the digital age

social media keynote speaker mark schaefer

Mark Schaefer’s new book KNOWN is inspiring people and changing their lives. Now feel the magic and power of KNOWN by booking Mark to address your audience. Becoming “known” is different than being famous, and may be the only sustainable career advantage we have today. Mark is “wow-ing” audiences around the world and moving them in a personal and powerful way! Appropriate for all audience, all professional levels.

Ignite your marketing, your customers and your business!

Facebook reach is in a freefall, brands are pumping out content at a breath-taking pace and in the next five years, the amount of information on the web will increase by 500 percent. How do you stand out in a world of such overwhelming information density? In this exciting and fast-paced speech, author and futurist Mark Schaefer outlines the visionary new rules of marketing engagement from his new book The Content Code. Some of the topics include: • The new priority for branding • Why "content" is not the finish line, it is the starting line. • The true economic drivers of the social web. This unforgettable speech is guaranteed to change the way you look at marketing forever.

Measuring your PR and marketing efforts

"Measurement" is on everyone's mind, especially when it comes to PR and social media. Using real, data-driven examples, Mark makes measurement accessible and even fun! Mark shows how "when" you measure may be as important as "what," the critical consideration of qualitative measures, and a unique perspective of "relevance."

Mark’s all-time most popular talk: “Social Media Explained”

Trying to absorb the complex and rapidly-changing world of social media can feel like trying to take a drink from a fire hose! But in this fast-paced and entertaining session, renowned marketing authority, educator, and author Mark W. Schaefer will put it all in perspective. Schaefer will cut through the hype and explain the four foundational elements of social media that every business professional must understand to be effective in an always-on digital world. If you understand these four principles, you can grasp the real purpose and role of social media in your business plan. Takeaways: 1) What is the true role of social media in the marketing mix? 2) Cutting through the hype, what does social media really do for a business? 3) Can you use social media to sell? 4) What is the one “killer app” every business MUST embrace to succeed in a noisy digital world?

Rock your audience with “The future of social media marketing”

In a world where marketing platforms seem to be shifting daily, it might seem impossible to predict where the future of social media is going, but Mark Schaefer has a pretty good idea. In this acclaimed, entertaining, and unforgettable speech, Schaefer discusses 1) The three digital marketing revolutions and the fourth that will begin in the next two years; 2) The very real business challenges presented by information density; 3) Six critical strategies to cut through the Internet noise to become the consumer’s signal; 4) The one “killer app” for digital marketing, sales and service for the next five years. The Future of Social Media was named one of the Top 10 events of SXSW and has received acclaim from audiences around the world.

Return On Influence: Creating power and influence on the web

We are on the cusp of a marketing revolution ... and it's being led by YOU! In this fast-paced and entertaining presentation, author and college educator Mark Schaefer will describe some of the revelations from his pathfinding, best-selling book "Return On Influence." The nature of power has been turned on its head and Mark will describe the new generation of Citizen Influencers who are leading this charge, how companies are trying to actually measure our individual online influence, and how companies are beginning to tap into this powerful new trend of "influence marketing" to create surprising new business benefits. You won't want to miss this cutting-edge presentation from one of America's most respected marketing authorities.

An hour of Twitter Power

Mark Schaefer is one of the world’s most respected marketing experts and is the author of The Tao of Twitter, the best-selling book on Twitter. In this speech, he gives the insider view of building a relevant, engaged audience that leads to business benefits!

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