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best marketing booksMark Schaefer is among the most popular business book authors and has created the authoritative and best marketing books on personal branding, influence marketing, Twitter for personal and business uses, brand community, social media strategy, content marketing, and more. 

His books are featured in more than 700 libraries, are used as authoritative textbooks at more than 70 universities, and have been translated into 20 languages. Most of his books are available as paperback, hardcopy, Kindle, and audiobooks.

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The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

What happens when futurist Mark Schaefer assembles 35 of his smartest marketing friends from around the world and asks for their best marketing ideas? Well, it’s something amazing.

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The all-time bestselling book on personal branding. Mark's book has become the essential guide to establishing an effective presence in the digital world.

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Social Media Explained

This is the succinct and essential guide to succeeding in the complex world of social media. Lessons based on Mark's college lectures!

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Book - Born to Blog. Building your blog for personal and business success one post at a time.

Born to Blog

The best-selling blogging book on Amazon, this takes you through every aspect of blogging for business success

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Return On Influence

Return On Influence: Winner of the American Library Association’s business book of the year award. We are on the cusp of a marketing revolution.

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Why not tune into the world’s most entertaining marketing podcast!

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