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RISE is a free global community dedicated to exploring the future of marketing. The marketing profession is changing with bullet-speed. In our community, we are working on our continuous journey of relevance by teaching and encouraging each other.

Our community is kind, generous, and professional. You will be respected and valued. I think this screenshot sums it up!

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Our topics and projects shift as the world progresses, but current themes in the community include:

  • Active experiments in the metaverse
  • A co-created book project
  • AI-generated content and art
  • Web3, NFTs and tokenized economies
  • Changing consumer behavior
  • Evolving social media platforms
  • Podcasts and content strategy
  • Personal development, speaking, personal branding

… and much more.

A metaverse party:

rise community

We also have a lot of fun as we attend educational webinars, metaverse parties, live events, and meet-ups! Here are some community members in the UK:

rise community

The community is free to join.

Currently, our community meets on the Discord platform. You’ll need an invitation to join the community, and that can be obtained simply by writing Mark Schaefer at [email protected] Add a few words about yourself and why you’d like to join.

We look forward to welcoming you into the community!

RISE community

VIP access

After you have been in the community for a while, you may want to take advantage of the RISE VIP Group. This is an optional premium component to RISE that provides access to exclusive content and events.

Examples of VIP activities include

  • A private meeting with marketing legend Tom Peters, author of In Seach of Excellence
  • Discussions on Web3, AI, and other cutting-edge marketing ideas
  • Early previews of Mark Schaefer’s books and speeches
  • Meet and greet with Steve Job’s marketing director at Apple
  • Q&A with thought leaders like David Meerman Scott.
  • Virtual meeting with Ed Keller, pioneering father of word-of-mouth marketing
  • Open discussion with former Facebook/Instagram exec on GenZ marketing trends

Joining the VIP experience requires that you are active on the Discord community and pay a small $19.99 entry fee for a year of access. You will this to be an incredible value! You can pay this annual fee here:


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