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marketing classMark Schaefer is a pioneer in marketing education — he taught the first college-level class in social media marketing in 2008. Today, he is among the highest-rated instructors in the world and you can join him in a class, either live or self-paced.

Since 2011 Mark has been a faculty member in Rutger University’s acclaimed Mini-MBA program, serving marketing executives from around the world. This elite class is available to anyone and you can use the discount code “grow” to get an immediate 10 percent discount off one of these courses.

Mark teaches class segments on social media marketing and content marketing in this program, which earns either college credit or continuing education credits.

In addition to this established program, Mark will soon be offering a personal branding master class. Click below and drop Mark a line if you’re interested in hearing more.

What leaders are saying about Mark Schaefer’s classes:

Mark Schaefer personal branding class

“I have taken every class, webinar, and Internet session I could find on social media marketing and this was the best by far. Mark was the first to put this together from a true business perspective.”

“Probably the best teacher I have ever had. This session was worth the price of the whole course.”

“Mark was very interactive! He truly has a passion for what he is teaching, as well as, ensuring his class is benefiting from his material.”

“I’m sure it’s difficult to know sometimes if you make a difference in this world. You did.”

“For the first time, I was able to easily visualize how I could incorporate social media into my worklife.”


This is the best short course in the world to rapidly upgrade your skills in SEO, social media, content marketing, digital advertising, and more!

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Mark Schaefer has had a successful career as a keynote speaker for more than a decade. This is your chance to tap into the lessons he learned as he progressed from his first speech at a local service club to commanding some of the biggest stages in the world. Click on this link to learn about his next class and get on your way to a new speaking career!

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Take your personal brand to its highest levels with the expert. The finest personal branding training anywhere. 12 hours of live (online) small-class training plus 1:1 coaching sessions with Mark Join today!

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