Luminaries – Talking to the brightest minds in tech

Where can technology take your business? Join hosts Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr on an IT transformation expedition. Listen in as they have in-depth conversations with technology luminaries who clear the path for your business growth – hear from analysts, partners, your peers and leaders across Dell Technologies. Find research, best practices and tools to make your IT transformation real. This podcast is sponsored by Dell Technologies.

16: Create a Culture…That Sparks Innovation

How Yesterday’s Technology Can Solve Tomorrow’s Problems

Draper Laboratory helped develop the technology that put humans on the moon. These days, they’re using their impressive catalog of intellectual property to solve more down-to-earth problems. The same technology that guides a missile to its target could help plants pollinate, and even deliver medicine in developing countries.


15: Better Data, Higher Speed for McLaren

Formula One racing is all about the science of speed. The driver is the engineer who uses data from over 200 sensors for analysis to produce a winning team. McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown dives into new advances in racing, simulation and electric cars.


14: Goaaaaal Or Not? Your Data Knows!

Soccer fans insist on instant accuracy from officials, but the human eye can misjudge a goal. GoalControl CEO Daniel Marchwinski explains how technology can instantly share the validity of a goal in 4D.


13: An Intelligent Environment… For Your Business

What do artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality have in common? Each of these technologies will revolutionize the way we interact and partner with machines and with each other. Together, they will transform the workforce, improve healthcare, and democratize education. Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman of Products & Operations for Dell Technologies, takes us on a guided tour through the not-too-distant future.


12: Your Business Data… For Good

Picture a farm that uses 95% less water and grows up to 390 times more food. Don’t imagine a wide-open field of grain; these crops grow without soil or sunlight. AeroFarms CEO and Co-Founder David Rosenberg explains how his company uses cutting-edge data analyses and technology to re-imagine how the human race can stay fed as populations rise and resources dwindle.


11: Information Superiority is Your Cybersecurity

In the current cybersecurity landscape, it’s easy to feel outnumbered and outmaneuvered. As threats multiply and data breaches seem inevitable, how can we manage the risks to safely enjoy the benefits of a more connected world? Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO at RSA, believes there’s reason to be optimistic.


10: Displaying… the Future of Work

The display requirements in different industries, like finance, oil and gas or education are vastly different for users. Add to this virtual and mixed reality technology and you can imagine the ever more sophisticated displays needed to translate data into the visual.


09: The Power of Compute… At the Edge

The compute location pendulum has been swinging from a centralized to a distributed model, from the cloud to the edge. New ways of analysing data securely in real-time are being developed, driven by the incredible amount of data brought on by devices connected via the Internet of Things. Is your business ready to leverage the power of data at the edge and the core?


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