Mark Schaefer and KNOWN

In this short video, I discuss why I think this book, and this speech, might be my greatest contribution to the business world to date.

Great branding is about creating an emotional connection between what you do and the audience you serve. But increasingly, that emotion isn’t coming from some product attribute or advertisement. That emotional attachment is being devoted to the people behind the brand.

The personal brand IS the brand.

Research shows that trust in companies, brands, and advertising has declined worldwide 12 years in a row. Who do people trust? Other people!

They trust company founders, technical experts, their friends, and neighbors. They even trust these people we call “influencers.”

So the power of building and unleashing a personal brand is undeniable to a company and possibly the only sustainable competitive advantage we have as individuals.

I show you how to do it. And it works!

Become KNOWN. Help your company become KNOWN

This speech is not based on dreams and unicorns and rainbows. It’s based on data and research.

There are four distinct steps every business leader in the world takes to become known in their field. No exceptions. Mastering these steps, with consistency, can provide a huge and lasting payoff.

Let me help you unleash the power of your people by helping them learn to become KNOWN.

This is a speech that entertains, inspires, and makes you want to take action by the end of the hour!

Here is some real audience feedback:

Mark Schaefer KNOWN

Mark Schaefer KNOWN

Mark Schaefer KNOWN

Mark Schaefer KNOWN

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