The Most Human Company Wins™

The video on this page tells the story of an extraordinary moment that occurred the first time I ever gave my speech based on The Marketing Rebellion book. I call this talk “The Most Human Company Wins.”

With every speech and piece of content I put into the world, I have to consider … is this relevant NOW? Will this fit with my audience and their business needs at this moment?

And with this talk, the answer is a very loud YES.

In fact, many people have told me that the predictions I make in this talk are coming true at a faster rate. The coronavirus and resulting crisis have been a trend accelerator in many ways. Progress in eCommerce, economics, and technology we thought was 10 years away is happening now!

That’s why our businesses have no choice but to understand these trends or be left behind. Successful businesses today don’t necessarily need a bigger budget or more ads … they need a new marketing mindset about the consumer.

The lessons of Marketing Rebellion

I have a very high-energy and entertaining style but a gravitas that earns attention. And of course I use the latest presentation technology to bring this energy to any online format.

I use real-world data to explain the issue and then memorable stories to make it stick with your audience.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How marketing, advertising, sales, customer engagement, and customer loyalty have changed forever
  • Why two-thirds of your marketing is occurring without you
  • Why this “third consumer rebellion” is redefining the business landscape
  • Practical ideas on what you can start to do today to adapt to the new consumer culture

This speech is normally the highest-rated presentation at an event. Here are typical comments:


The Most Human Company Wins The Most Human Company Wins

The Most Human Company Wins


(you can find hundreds of real audience comments by clicking HERE!)

Let’s get this rebellion started, shall we?

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