How to be Relentlessly Relevant

In 2020, I was an early adopter of COVID!

I was so sick, and when I awoke from my foggy haze, I realized that in a period of 48 hours, my business had crashed to zero. After building a successful and rewarding career over decades, I suddenly had no place in the business world. I had become irrelevant.

While losing so much so quickly might seem extreme, I don’t think it’s that unusual any more. The world is changing so quickly and in so many unexpected ways, that we need to think about staying relevant differently. We don’t have time to get a new degree every time the world changes!

The good news is, in a matter of months I was able to come back stronger than ever. The lessons I learned apply to every business facing overwhelming change. Meaning … everybody!

The beauty of this talk is that it is very flexible and can be tailored to your industry, business, or association. The people who walk out of my talk will be energized and inspired with actionable ideas on how to respond to the specific challenges they face in the world.

This is a talk that is memorable, actionable, and a lot of fun!

Watch Mark’s TED talk on how to be relentlessly relevant, a preview of his longer keynote speech

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