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Mark Schaefer literally wrote the book on social media marketing strategy.

He has developed social media marketing strategies for some of the world’s best-known brands including Adidas, Merck, and the U.S. Air Force. He has also worked with smaller businesses ranging from tech start-ups to a winery in Provence and a regional medical clinic.

social media strategyThere are three primary reasons Mark Schaefer stands alone in social media and marketing strategy development:

  1. He has more than 30 years of experience developing marketing strategies for global brands.
  2. His education includes an MBA and a masters degree in organizational devlopment. Your completed strategy will acknowledge the political and bureacratic realities so your plan will work, not sit on a shelf.
  3. Schaefer’s background in statistics and analysis helps him unearth opportunities other strategists normally miss.

A typical marketing strategy development process takes between one week and two months depending on the complexity of the business. The process might include:

  • A deep-dive “brand discovery” session with the client.
  • Data and internal research review
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Executive interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry analysis

The deliverable will be an actionable, prioritized plan that is tailored to your specific needs, budget and resources. Based on the customer needs, this plan would include:

  • Specific action plans including strategies for each social media platform
  • A high-level survey of competitor marketing and industry social media best practices
  • Insights from customers and other relevant stakeholders
  • Recommendations on marketing tone, points of differentiation, and positioning
  • A detailed list of short-term activities that will immediately boost your social media effectiveness
  • Recommendations on measurement and a social media dashboard
  • Specific ideas on community-building strategies that will lead to content “ignition”
  • Recommendations on resourcing, on-going program management, and budget
  • Written report plus live or web meeting review of the plan
  • Follow-up calls and consultations as needed

There is no need to be overwhelmed and frustrated.  Call me today and let’s get to work!

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