When Great is Not Enough

Today there is one powerful, overwhelming question that preoccupies every business and organization – “How can we be heard?”

Our singular objective is to become the signal and be seen amid this overwhelming world of noise. Today, advertising isn’t enough. Social media isn’t enough. Even being great isn’t enough. We need another path to build momentum for our ideas and businesses … against all odds.

Momentum is what separates an idea that changes your life from a dream that sputters and goes nowhere. And there’s very specific science that teaches us how to do that. But this research, which began more than 50 years ago, hasn’t been applied to our personal and professional lives … until now.

In this fast-paced and entertaining keynote presentation, author Mark Schaefer discusses the unique and actionable ideas from his new book “Cumulative Advantage.” Mark explains how we can use decades of proven, research-based ideas to create unstoppable momentum for our own passions, lives, careers, and businesses.

You will learn:

  • How the initial advantage that drives momentum comes from everyday experiences.
  • Why momentum is propelled by the speed, time, and space of a “seam.”
  • The insider secrets of creating vast awareness for products and ideas.
  • How the “certainty of business uncertainty” can be used to our advantage and disruptions like the pandemic create new sparks of profitable opportunity.

No matter who you are or where you’ve been in your life, you have the power to unleash new momentum for your goals and dreams. Cumulative Advantage shows you how.

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