Marketing reimagined for a world without loyalty

Technology has created new ways to help customers discover, share, and discuss their favorite products. In fact, most of our marketing is occurring without us. Today, the customers are the marketing department.

We can’t buy our way into these conversations, We have to earn our way in with a new business approach that appeals to constant human truths.

The businesses of the past were built on advertising impressions. Today, they are built on human impressions that help customers believe, belong, and find meaning.

It’s time for a rebellious new approach and Mark Schaefer is your guide with an entertaining new book that is instructive, inspiring, and filled with actionable ideas and insights.

Are you ready for the rebellion?

A masterpiece!

One of the greatest marketing books ever.

A wonderful, gorgeous, profoundly human book

Mark Schaefer knocks it out of the park.

Riveting, essential, and fun to read!

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    Chapter 1: The End of Control. From the book Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins by Mark Schaefer.

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    This valuable free workbook is filled with Mark Schaefer's inside views, bonus content and study questions.

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    Marketing in the future has to touch people where they live in an artisanal fashion. What can be more more artisanal and fun that this free Marketing Rebellion coloring book, hand-drawn by Paris Woodhull!

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    This stirring video sums up many key points and ideas from The Marketing Rebellion book. Download it for your own company presentations.

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    This beautiful drawing sums up key ideas for a human-centered marketing strategy and is suitable for hanging in your work space.

  • WOMM Workbook

    Word of Mouth Marketing pioneer Ted Wright provides this free workbook to help you get started with your own WOMM effort.

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