How to create a joyful experience on the web

joyful experience on the web

I wanted to do a short post today on a subject that is plaguing a lot of people right now — a social media news feed that brings your day down.

Each day my social media friend-feed is filled with web-induced angst:

  • “There are so many fakers on the web — it makes me angry.”
  • “Politics brings out the worst in people. These rants are driving me crazy.”
  • “The web is filled with so much crap. The whole Internet seems to be dumbed-down.”
  • “This person is so negative … but I hate to stop following them in case I miss something.”

Here’s the beauty of the web. We all have the opportunity to create our own experience here. If we want to be joyful, we can surround ourselves with inspiration and joy. If we want to learn, we can connect to so many smart people! If we need a laugh, there is so much funny stuff on the web (like Bacon Baby!)

Sure, there’s a lot of crap on the web but there’s still plenty of quality, inspiring content, too. It’s kind of like TV. Are you going to watch The Kardashians or Cosmos? You are the master of your online content selection. Sure there’s a lot of fluff but nobody is making you consume it.

Likewise, you’re the master of your “friend” selection, too. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to learn about diverse views but when it gets to the point where a person is shrill, it’s time for them to go.

Life is too short for toxicity. If somebody is angry, hateful, or annoying, jettison them from your stream. You will feel so much better.

There is so much good out there. If social media news feeds are bringing you down, take accountability for your experience and surround yourself instead with something beautiful.

Why not start creating your own experience today?

This very joyful photo came from Flickr CC and Pieter Mooij

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