Mark Schaefer helps you “embrace the chaos” with new book LESSONS

embrace the chaos

Mark Schaefer has released an experimental new book called LESSONS: Essays to Help You Embrace the Chaos.

The book is unusual in that it is a collection of essays previously published on the award-winning blog {grow}.

“Reflecting on my work, I realize that my blog has been a way for me to figure out the changes in this world,” Schaefer said. “How do I remain relevant? What do human relationships mean in the digital age? How is the business world evolving and what is my role?

“I’ve provided a lot of insight and advice but blog posts tend to get lost after a few weeks. This is a way for me to breathe new life into this work that has helped so many people.”

There are 32 essays in LESSONS, including topics like:

  • How to remain bot-proof
  • The intolerance of hustle
  • Best presentation skills
  • The importance of “belonging” in business
  • Personal branding truths
  • Why company culture is your marketing
  • Emotional paralysis and social media grief
  • Realistic content marketing
  • Networking in the digital age
  • My best entrepreneurial business lessons

LESSONS is available as an audio book an in a Kindle edition on on Amazon.

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