“Belonging to the Brand” Named a Top Marketing Book by LinkedIn

Top Marketing Book by LinkedIn

LinkedIn named Mark Schaefer’s book Belonging to the Brand: Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy as a top marketing book recommendation for 2023.

LinkedIn editor Taquia Burt wrote:

While this wake-up call moment shone a light on loneliness, society was already experiencing a loneliness crisis before the pandemic. It’s a crisis that has been worsening over the past decade. Even as the world becomes seemingly more connected, there is a longing for belonging that isn’t being fulfilled in many people’s lives.

One marketer who was tuned into these truths before most is Mark Schaefer, author of this month’s recommended book for B2B practitioners. With advanced degrees in marketing and applied behavioral sciences, Schaefer’s keen observations of human behavior combined with his sharp analytical mind produced what is sure to be a foundational text for the new world of brand-customer relationship building.

“Belonging to the Brand” is Schaefer’s tenth book. It reached number one on Amazon in the categories of Marketing and Advertising upon its release in early 2023.

The review added:

Schaefer opens this book with a frank and vulnerable exploration of his own journey through social harm, loneliness, acceptance into community, and growth. His story is woven through with themes that will be familiar to most readers, driving home the life-changing power of finding your emotional home within community.

With an exploration of the modern loneliness crisis, Schaefer forms a strong argument for community being an essential part of the human experience.


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