Take the mystery out of Twitter once and for all

Twitter has changed my life. That is not the kind of statement I would make lightly, but it’s the truth.

For about a year and half I have been teaching a social media marketing class to show others how Twitter can change their lives too — and it has worked!  The success stories have been nothing short of inspirational.

One of my biggest frustrations is being unable to help people who can’t take my live classes.  I simply can’t explain Twitter success strategies and tactics in a phone call, a 30-minute webinar or a blog post.  I had to do something more. So I wrote a book.

If you’re struggling with Twitter or simply want to take your game up a notch, I know that my new book, The Tao of Twitter, will help.  If you are a regular reader of {grow} you know that I am not one to make bold claims but I am ready to stand behind this one. Why?  Because every Twitter success story, case study, and business benefit has a common formula. Every time. No exceptions.

I struggled with Twitter for six months before I figured this out and most people never “get it.” But once I had this revelation, everything changed.  I found the PATH.  I found the Tao of Twitter.

This book solves four problems:

  1. It takes the mystery out of Twitter for anybody facing the same struggle.
  2. It provides a proven path to create meaningful, measurable business and personal benefits.
  3. It’s inexpensive, so anybody can access this helpful information.
  4. It will help you quickly get up to speed and avoid months of frustration.  The whole book takes maybe 90 minutes to read.

The Tao of Twitter (click on photo for sales site) is not a re-print of blog posts, although you may recognize some familiar names and stories from the {grow} community. This is a unified system to approach Twitter for optimal personal and business benefits. Geez I just cringed as I wrote that sentence.  I sound like a TV infomercial or something!  But I passionately believe in this and have had enough feedback from hundreds of students to KNOW that I’m right.  People who have taken my classes have told me that it has changed their lives.

This is an affordable, practical, useful book designed to HELP people:

  • If you’re in business, are you using Twitter as a competitive weapon?  The book has dozens of ideas.
  • The Tao of Twitter will also help my fellow consultants, agency leaders and marketing professionals.  We all have those customers who resist Twitter. Give them a copy of the book.  It might be the best investment you will ever make.
  • Teachers — This is an essential textbook for any class in new media or social media marketing.
  • And college students — my gosh, if you’re not leveraging Twitter, you’re severely sub-optimizing both educational and job-hunting opportunities. Read the book, please.
  • Of course, if you’re just starting your social media journey, I strongly believe this should be one of your very first steps.

As always, thanks for your support!   I hope you enjoy the book!

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