Are you ready for Return On Influence?

We are on the cusp of a marketing revolution.  And it is being led by YOU.

Dozens of companies like Klout are slicing, dicing, and dissecting the billions of bits of information published on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook each day and grading your ability to create buzz.  The most powerful of these new “Citizen Influencers” are rewarded by the world’s biggest brands with trips, merchandise, and luxury cars. Today, anyone can get behind the velvet rope … if you know how!

And while this innovation is producing revolutionary opportunities for influence marketing, it has also resulted in the most divisive and controversial conversation on the web today.  As I observed this intersection of business opportunity and personal loathing I thought that somebody should write a book about this.

So I did.

Return On Influence is the first book to explore the new world of Internet power and how brands are identifying and leveraging the most influential bloggers, tweeters, and YouTube celebrities to build product awareness, brand buzz, and new sales. This book is unlike any marketing book you have ever read and features:

  • In-depth explanations of the surprising new sources of online influence — and how they can work for or against you!
  • Interviews with more than 50 industry experts including tech blogger Robert Scoble, Influence at Work Author Robert Cialdini, Klout CEO Joe Fernandez and Azeem Azhar of PeerIndex.
  • Practical, actionable tips to increase your own personal power and online influence.
  • Exclusive insider access to Klout, PeerIndex … and their customers.
  • A first-ever look at a brand’s view of the Klout data that we can’t access.
  • A special foreword by Lee Rainie, Director of Pew Research
  • Never-before-seen social influence marketing case studies.

Your Klout score is only the tip of the influence iceberg. Return on Influence blows open the Klout controversies, dives into the underworld of Internet cheating, helps you determine your own online power, and looks deeply into the future of this significant marketing trend.

Important brands like Disney, American Express and Nike are clamoring to master this new marketing channel and reward the new buzz-makers — the Citizen Influencers — with trips, merchandise and exclusive events. Everybody has a voice now and becoming influential no longer requires movie star looks, a degree from Harvard, or political power.

This is OUR time. This is YOUR time.

This is the time of Return on Influence.

My book launches at SXSW in March but is now in pre-sale through at a special introductory price that is 1/3 off the cover price. Anybody who buys the book before March will also receive a special edition 30-page eBook, The Insider’s Guide to Klout, when emailing a proof of purchase to [email protected].

Over the coming weeks I’ll be passing along additional insights from the book and the story of writing it, which was an adventure all its own!  Here’s a new website with a glimpse of the book’s content:

If you’ve enjoyed {grow} and connecting with me, please consider buying my book, contributing a review and letting me know what you think about the work.  Many thanks!

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