PeerIndex Founder reveals social marketing developments

Click here is you can;t see this video interview with Azeem Azhar, founder of PeerIndex.

I had a chance to catch up with PeerIndex founder Azeem Azhar at his homebase in London. Azeem is prominently featured  Return On Influence and this was a golden opportunity to catch up with him about some of the newest developments. In this interview we cover:

Is social scoring getting traction? Is it creating measurable value for companies and brands or is it still experimental?

How is the company going to use its new round of funding?

Why is social scoring so disruptive for many traditional advertising agencies?

How are companies realizing “TV ad-like” results by approaching influencers?

What is the “magic middle” of influencer outreach?

Is this still experimental or are companies beginning to dedicate real money towards influence marketing?

How are companies measuring benefits from this new channel?

I think you’ll find this conversation quite interesting!

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