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For a couple of months, I had been thinking about doing a podcast and finally, decided against it. I just thought that taking on another content-creation project might dilute my other efforts.  In fact, there was only one way I would EVER do a podcast, and that is if I got to do it with one of the wittiest and wisest men I know — Tom Webster, vice president of Edison Research.

Tom Webster

Tom Webster

Tom and I are great friends and have a chemistry that I knew would translate well to a “radio” audience. Sharing our conversations on timely and relevant marketing topics would create a exceptionally entertaining and interesting listener experience. His answer, without hesitation, was “ABSOLUTELY.”

To make it even better, we have a great sponsor, Voices Heard Media, to help with the tech side of the process.

So ladies and gentlemen, I have an essential podcast now and it’s ALIVE!  Every two weeks, Tom and I will deliver a 30-minute show and I promise it will be captivating, educational, and fun. In fact, I’ve already learned that I say things on a podcast I would never write on a blog post! Could get interesting.

Here we go with the first jam-packed installment:

The Marketing Companion Episode 1: Flouting Klout

  • Klout steps into the ring as a content creator
  • Influence at the top of the search rankings
  • Guest appearance by Ringo Starr as a talking apple
  • Is Klout re-defining “expert?”
  • The search for “warmer” search
  • Klout and corruption
  • The emotional hook of Klout
  • Could your Klout score become a global VIP card?
  • Will we be seeing Klout optimization experts?
  • What Klout does well.
  • Tom reads his spam

To listen now:

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