Is Google Glass the future, or does it just make you look like a dork?

goggle glass

google glass

Can you imagine anything that would inspire marketing creativity more than a device that allows you to view the Internet all the time, everywhere … like a digital layer across the world?

That certainly seems to be the promise of Google Glass, perhaps the boldest step forward in the trend of “wearable technology.”  In my mind, this will be a transformational opportunity for, well … everything! Education. Connection. Discovery. Entertainment. Business.

But my wise friend and podcast co-host Tom Webster is not so sure. In the latest edition of The Marketing Companion, Tom and I debate a wide range of topics surrounding this exciting and to some folks, disturbing technology. Some of the topics we tackle include:

google glass Robert Scoble

Lesson 1: Never become a meme.

  • A lesson in how NOT to become a meme like Robert Scoble
  • Is Google Glass a win for wearable technology or the next Segway?
  • Do the “eyes” have it, or does wearable technology belong someplace else?
  • What business problems does Google Glass really solve?
  • A can of worms for privacy, or just another Kodak moment?
  • Does “cool” trump “dork?”
  • The Devil’s bargain with privacy.
  • A practical view of Google Glass from Jamie the bartender.
  • The porn indicator, and Google’s interesting new investment
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