The Top Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2013

2digital marketing campaigns of 2013

Every year, my friend Gregory Pouy gives a wonderful gift to the {grow} community and the world by putting together a list of the best digital marketing campaigns of the year.

You will NOT want to miss this!

This is a global view featuring the best digital marketing ideas from the U.S., Thailand, India, New Zealand, France, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and South Korea.

Set aside a few quiet moments to take in this creative excellence. From tweeting drug traffickers to the world’s craziest job interview, and a Coca Cola campaign aimed at bringing warring nations together to an ad that charges your phone, I guarantee you will spend no more fun, uplifting and inspiring part of your day than when you view these case studies.

Are you ready for some fun? Here we go…

2013’s best digital marketing campaigns from Gregory Pouy


Gregory Pouy is based in Paris and one of France’s leading marketing bloggers. You can learn more about his work on Slideshare and by following him on Twitter @gregfromparis . He founded @LaMercatique, helping brands to better understand and integrate digital in their marketing strategy.

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