Why are so many businesses stuck at Social Media 101?

Click here if you can’t see my interview with Paul Gillin.

Are businesses ready for the post-social media era?

“Yes” says the social media echo chamber.

“No” says author and educator Paul Gillin.

Paul has taught thousands of students at dozens of large companies over the years and he said most of them are still figuring out how to set up a Twitter account. Why are businesses stuck on social media 101? We explore this topic in this short video interview, as well as …

  • Which category of companies are most likely to still be at “square one.”
  • Commentary on the “vast layer of small businesses” that have no idea how these tools work.
  • Why it’s not just about content marketing … it’s about concentrating your resources intelligently.
  • Paul’s thoughts on Content Shock and the challenges of cutting through the noise.

I hope you’ll enjoy this provocative discussion and leave your thoughts in the comment section. Are you seeing the same thing?

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