How to use Power Editor to Ignite your Facebook Marketing

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By M. Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, {grow} Community Member

A few months ago, I began seeing Dunkin Donuts Facebook posts in Spanish.

Whoa. How did they know I spoke Spanish? I mean, I do but I always post in English. I liked this. It made me feel special. I wanted to run out and buy some of their coffee. And I did!

But the fact remained, I didn’t know how they figured this out.

The Secret: Facebook Power Editor

What I discovered was that Dunkin Donuts is using a tool called Power Editor … and it’s not just for big companies. I became even more intrigued when I heard Mari Smith speak with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone on the Marketing Smarts Podcast about it and I signed up for Mari Smith & Dennis Yu’s Facebook Marketing Success System,

I have even been learning how to use this great application for my clients.

Facebook’s Power Editor helps any business target individuals on an extremely granular level. Like reaching a specific group of working-moms who work at XYZ company, who like Bon Jovi, who buy a lot online, who drive a BMW, who work in Marketing, who have kids ages 5-10, who are connected to your friends. Pretty amazing, right?

Hold the presses. It gets better. This tool is FREE.

I have to admit, Power Editor is a complicated program but it can work wonders to increase organic reach with posts. You do know that only 6% of your audience actually sees your posts, right? Therefore, who wouldn’t want to reach the right customers (all the time, every time)?  All you need is patience, a budget, and Google Chrome to access this tool.

Step One:

  1. Download or Use Google Chrome to access the program
  2. Visit
  3. Upload your Information onto this program

You might ask yourself, “Why would I go through all this trouble if I could just press the Boost Post button?”

Because you can create ads based on:

  • Demographics (Relationship, Education, Work, Ethnic Affinity, Generation, Parents of children of certain ages)
  • Workplaces (Promote your latest Press Release to the Media/Channels/etc)
  • Buying Behaviors (Car, Charitable Donations, Digital Activities)
  • Interests (you need to search them first using Facebook Graph Search. Go to the Search Bar on top of your personal page (not biz) and type “Interests liked by Fans of (type your business page name)”. Personalize your ads using pictures from these results, mine include fans of hiking, camping, flip flops and you’ve set a common ground with customers!

Have an email list? It’s your lucky day!

All you need is an email list and an Excel spreadsheet to turn your database into marketing gold. Of course you must only use email addresses from people who have opted-in.

For example, real estate agents can create ads to reach an email list or previous website visitors who have expressed an interest in buying a home (there’s multiple buttons in Power Editor to reach Renters).

Retailers can use their email list to target ads to reach customers who are millennials, their top spenders, or those who have a preference for a selective product in their stores.

You can create special offers for people on your mailing list to get them to “Like” your business page.

Facebook Dark Posts — Groovy!

Marketers! You have a new best friend with dark posts. You click “Create New Unpublished Post” and target an audience without the post appearing on your timeline. None of your current fans see this ad. Think of the various ways you can do this with new markets without cluttering your current one page. I think this is what Dunkin Donuts did with the Spanish posts that I’ve been seeing on my Newsfeed. And they gained a customer for life!

valentinaValentina Escobar-Gonzalez is the founder of Beyond Engagement, Social Media Solutions. She enjoys teaching her clients the latest on engagement marketing. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook. Photo Credit: 40 under Forty, Tri-Cities, TN/VA

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