10 Simple ideas to achieve more content sharing now

I had the coolest conversation the other day when I met up with a senior marketer at a conference …

“It’s so ironic that I got a chance to hear you speak today,” she said. “Your name came up at a meeting in our company just last week!”

“Really?” I said. “That’s pretty amazing.”

“Yes. I was talking to a marketing consultant and he said you had been a big influence on him. And he had the strangest advice for us. He said the only marketing metric we should care about is content sharing. In fact, he said we need to focus all our measurement efforts on this. What do you think?”

Well of course I heartily agreed with this bright consultant (thank you, whoever you are)! He’s obviously following the game plan from my new book The Content Code. The real economic driver of the social web is not just creating content — it’s social sharing, especially as we fight to compete in a world of increasing information density.

If our content never moves, if it simply sits on a website without any views, shares, and engagement, it has about the same value as the world’s greatest movie script locked from view in a cold, dark vault. The investment in our content is largely wasted.

content sharingThis suggests that we need to build a new competency in our businesses by understanding who is sharing our content, where they are sharing it and why. In my new book, I lay out the six possible strategies to get your content to move on the web and one of the most popular chapters dives into many practical ideas to increase the shareability of your content.

I thought I would give you a taste of the book in this new slide presentation that covers just ten of the hundreds of ideas in the book. I hope you enjoy it and please check out my book The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business.

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