The Business Case for Blab: Trust Acceleration

business case for blab

The new streaming video platform Blab is all the rage. Is it really this good? Is it going to “stick” or is it the Ello of the month?

I am going to say something that I have not said in a long time — this platform is a winner. In fact, this is the best social technology I have seen since Twitter.

I think the potential of this platform is vast. It’s easy, it’s collaborative, it’s real-time, it’s fun to the point of being addictive. It’s a content-creation machine. It’s a network of personal “television shows.” New users are already spending an average of one hour a day on this brand new forum.

The business case for Blab

Tom Webster and I hosted a global discussion on the potential and pitfalls of Blab and you’re going to love the extraordinary discussion in the video I have posted below. You are going to hear about …

  • The reason Blab is the most exciting new technology in years.
  • I want to share an extraordinary piece of content with you
  • How Blab fits in the social eco-system and the “fourth wall” that is breaking new boundaries for customer engagement
  • The financial power of Blab (comments by Michael Stelzner)
  • Is there a place for brands on this format?
  • Can the face-to-face nature of Blab help cut out the hate and bullying of social media?
  • Blab and the “magic of live performance.” Can this be a trust accelerator for individuals? For brands? (Great commentary by Evan Duby)
  • Why Blab may be the new salon … a place for deep commentary, for purpose, not positioning.

That is just a small sample of the absolutely fascinating conversation you are about to see. Check it out the possibilities, the fun, the intellectual stimulation of Blab. Watch our video:

A nice Blab starter guide from Social Media Examiner.

Top illustration courtesy Mars Dorian.

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