Successful business blogging in just one step

This is a map of Macedonia. It will only make sense if you read the article : )

My friend John Bottom is a gifted B2B marketing professional with London-based Base One, and blogs for his company site, Beyond. John posed this question to me today:

“If you had to give me the top 5 tips for blog success, what would they be? Let me start you off:

1. Good, original content

I think John has already completed the list. That’s all there is!

I would further define “good” content as writing that is:

a) Consistent with your personal passions and interests
b) Focused on one broad subject area so as to not confuse your readers
c) Interesting, useful and entertaining

You might find it strange that I didn’t mention that your writing should be consistent with your reader’s interests. That’s because it already will be. If you write consistently on a subject you are passionate about, your audience will find you. You’ll all get along fine!

As a relatively new blogger, that has been my biggest learning, I didn’t find my audience, my audience found me. A very humbling experience, actually.

My biggest frustration is that I wish I could get to know my readers better. This week, I had 10 new readers from Macedonia. Hello! How are things in Macedonia? What are your business challenges over there? Or in Greece, South Africa, Cambodia and all the amazing places where {grow} readers live and work. What are you learning about marketing in 2009, in a recession, in our digital age? What should I be writing about? I want to know these things! Connect to me!

And by the way, have I told you lately how much I appreciate you being here? Thank you SO MUCH for reading, commenting and sharing my blog … in Macedonia, and all around the world.

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