Blogs on auto-tweet and the new world of Triberr

I had a chance to catch up with Dino Dogan, an irreverant blogger, co-founder of Triberr, and one of my most consistently interesting Twitter friends. I think you’ll enjoy this video!

If you don’t know of Triberr, it has become a popular, yet polarizing, method for bloggers to share their blog posts on a large scale. Some people hate it. Some people love it.

My view of Triberr is somewhere in the middle! I’m still looking at it but it probably isn’t going to help me meet some of my long-term blogging goals like it would for a new blogger just on the scene. I concur with Erica Allison when she wrote that Triberr can work against community engagement, a problem Dino has noticed too. People seem to be pulling back from the auto-tweeted posts they may never actually read.

I’m also wondering about how Google is viewing this sudden surge of tweets from a Triberr URL.

So there are some problems to iron out but Dino probably has the energy and vision to figure it out.

Are you using Triberr? What do you think?

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