Please. Stop making your company blog suck.

Let’s face it.  Company blogs suck.  They just do, at least most of the time.

But they don’t have to and I’m on a mission to bring the world my message of blog anti-suckology.  I’ve been giving a lot of presentations lately and this has been one of my most popular!

I haven’t been using Slideshare too much but thought you would enjoy this particular presentation, which I have embedded above. Highlights include:

A few stats on blogs
Ten reasons to blog, even if nobody reads it.
New directions in corporate blogging.
Ten super huge ideas to make your blog less sucky.

My presentations are very funny, lively and conversational so I know some of the slides might seem cryptic since I don’t read off the slides, but I think you’ll get the gist of it.

By the way, I don’t do much self-promotion, but of course I’m available as a corporate trainer or speaker for your next conference, sales meeting, or event.  I can do anything from an hour to a full day.  In addition to blogging, some of my favorite speaking topics include:

  • Social media strategy executive overviews
  • Social media for non-profits
  • Social media for governmental organizations
  • Social media for economic development
  • Business networking through the social web
  • The Tao of Twitter
  • Power and Influence on the social web
  • Business blogging
  • The three things all small businesses should know about social media
  • Digital Distance – The future of social media and customer engagement

Does it make sense to share more slide presentations from my speeches?  Or, are you too busy to really look through something like this? Be honest, I can take it!

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