The World’s Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS 2011 by gregory pouy

Gregory Pouy is rapidly becoming one of my favorite social media marketing brainiacs!

Earlier this year the Paris-based marketer rocked our world with his free eBook on eCommerce, and now he has been kind enough to let me share with the {grow} community his latest work — an exhilarating take on the best digital marketing campaigns of 2011.

In this presentation, which he prepared in English exclusively for you, Greg goes beyond reporting on 11 catchy digital campaigns. He tells you WHY they excelled, and WHAT the results were. And it is all presented in an entertaining and stylish manner.

If you love marketing as much as I do, you are going to bookmark this one and have a lot of fun with this presentation!

Would you care to share your reactions with Greg in the comment section?

If you can’t view this presentation within the blog, click here: The World’s Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

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