Lean StartUp Movement turning some heads

Click here if you cannot see this video interview with Eric Ries of The Lean Start-up.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Eric Ries, author of The Lean Start-Up after he was just coming down from an amazing day of success at SXSW 2102. You get to hear about this first in this video interview!

I first heard about Eric Ries when he was interviewed by Mitch Joel on his excellent Six Pixels podcast.  I immediately became a fan of Eric and his concrete ideas about business start-up strategy.

Ries is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author recognized for pioneering the Lean Startup movement, a new-business strategy which directs start-up companies to allocate their resources as efficiently as possible. He is also a well-known blogger within the technology entrepreneur community.

Ries coined the term “Lean Startup” in 2008. His new-business strategy developed a following among Silicon Valley startups as well as entrepreneur groups which meet regularly to discuss his methodology.  The Lean Startup espouses starting small, designing products with the smallest set of features to please a customer base, and moving products into the marketplace quickly to test reaction and make more changes after that.

Ries released his book, The Lean Startup, in September 2011.

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