The do’s and don’ts of influence marketing with C.C. Chapman

Please click here if you can’t see my video interview with C.C. Chapman

I had the extraordinary experience of traveling and working with C.C. Chapman recently and our conversations were so interesting that I had to get a least a little of it down on video!

If you don’t know C.C. you should follow him and start learning from him on the social web. He’s an eclectic guy who writes on being a dad, photography, social causes, marketing, and social media … for starters. He also has some really interesting opinions and insights on influence marketing, which we covered in this conversation:

— The fact about influencers that most brands forget

— How AT&T is doing it right

— Pressuring influencers and the potential for backlash

— The beauty of organic advocacy

— How to demonstrate respect for influencers

— Why CC is the sexiest mommy blogger alive

It’s a fun and information-packed video and I hope you enjoy it!

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