How to find a job with your blog

Almost two years ago, I wrote a post outlining all of the ways blogging can benefit job-seekers. Since then, I have toured a lot of college campuses and counseled dozens of people who are trying to start a career without really immersing themselves in the social web. They are missing a HUGE opportunity.

Obviously LinkedIn is essential. I happen to believe Twitter is a great way to make connections. I’m even seeing resumes show up as video productions and on Slideshare.

But blogging is often overlooked as an essential element in a job-hunting strategy. I feel so strongly about this and I’m hoping my message will get through to as many job-seekers as possible.

So, with the creative direction of Sarah Mason, I’ve developed an interesting and whimsical little eBook spelling out why every job-seeker needs to blog. I hope you will enjoy this and pass it on to others who are looking for a career change. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section! How to find a job with your blog.

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