Podcasting’s next big moment: The insider insights

podcasting's next big moment

By Mark Schaefer

My friend and pod-spouse Tom Webster recently launched a controversial and disruptive view of what needs to be done to make a dent in the podcasting space.

The truth is, podcasting growth has been slow. Tom contends that the industry is missing some obvious opportunities to breakthrough and make money and flourish in new ways. The fuel for podcasting’s next big moment are counter-intuitive but Tom backs these insights up with data:

  • Tom contends that new podcasts may need to actually lower their standards
  • The limits and opportunities for podcasting may be self-imposed.
  • There are unexpected obstacles presented by the music industry.
  • Lessons from the audio book business may help pave the way.

If you love podcasts, have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, you’ll love this new episode of The Marketing Companion. Joins won’t you?

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Resources mentioned in this show:

Tom’s article: Where does podcasting go next?

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