Establishing a global social media foothold (video)

If you can’t see the video above, please click here: Mark Schaefer interviews Dr. Jon Buscall.

What if you had the opportunity to establish yourself as a pioneering voice of authority in a region of the world that is relatively new to the idea of social media marketing?  How would you start?

During my recent trip to Scandinavia, I got to sit down with Dr. Jon Buscall, who is familiar to many of you here on {grow}. Jon is one of the most active marketing bloggers in Northern Europe and is probably the only one who is on his way to establishing a global voice from that region.

In this interview, Jon talks about:

  • Establishing a blogging foothold and establishing his personal brand
  • The choice to blog in English versus his local language
  • Building a global audience
  • How companies in Europe are beginning to use social media

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this conversation with one of our community favorites!

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