Why it pays to be a patient blogger

I have a “healthy impatience.” Most successful business people do. But that is not necessarily an ideal quality to have as a beginning blogger!

Blogging success does not arrive at your doorstep wrapped up in a pretty bow. You have to work hard and have A LOT of patience.

  • Last month, I had more page views than in my entire first year of blogging. A lot more.
  • Ari Herzog recently left the 25,000th comment on my blog. After my first year, I had less than 100. And most of them were mine : )
  • Uber blogger Chris Brogan famously said that it took him three years to attract his first 100 blog subscribers.

The point is, the overnight success thing worked for Justin Bieber, but it probably won’t work for you and your blog,

You. Must. Be. Patient.

Focus on creating the best possible content. Insanely great content.

When you get a reader, love them like crazy.

Help others, Support other new bloggers.

Take risks. Try it and see what happens.

Handle criticism with grace. It’s a sign of success. A reason to smile, in fact.

Be yourself. Really yourself. That’s your competitive advantage.

Be consistent. Just keep writing.

Have the courage to hit that publish button, even when you know it’s not perfect.

And yes … be patient.  It will happen. It will happen. It will happen.

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