Examples of quantifying social influence

Is Klout the new SAT score?

“Maybe,” responds Sandy Carter, who leads social media initiatives across IBM.

Sandy made this intentionally provocative comment during SXSW this year to make the point that measuring both internal and external social influence is a critical path for marketing today and we can even begin to assign a specific dollar value to an employee’s social media presence.

sandy carter of ibmDuring the SXSW event, I had the chance to be interviewed by IBM but when I saw Sandy in the room, I asked if I could turn the camera around and be the one to interview her. She graciously agreed and it turned out to be a discussion that is jam-packed with insight on how large companies are beginning to use social influence to create measurable economic value.

She also discusses a shift in corporate reward systems, HR policies and commercial strategies that emphasize the sharing of information instead of the hoarding of information.

If you are a marketing professional, you won’t want to miss this discussion on the state of the art of social influence marketing.

If you can’t see the video at the top of this article, click here to see my interview with Sandy Carter of IBM on examples of quantifying social influence and social selling.

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