Social Media Marketing success is simply Medieval

social media marketing success

I work with many different companies and no matter the size, the budget, or the resources, there is almost always an element of “overwhelming” when it comes to social media marketing success.

“Where do I start?”

“How much should I spend?”

“Should I be afraid of the negative comments?”

But it really is not that hard. Business is business. Business has ALWAYS been business. And if we return to the fundamentals of what makes customers tick … why they keep coming back to us … we can begin to unlock some secrets of how we need to show up on the social web.

Social media marketing success is medieval!

When you think about it, the sociological and psychological drivers of success through social media have been with us since Medieval times. I put together a little slide presentation with the help of my art director Sarah Mason to help explain this.

Join me now as we travel through time. Let’s go back 1,000 years to find out what is really going on with social media marketing today …

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