Are you SURE you know where your customers are?

old fisherman

I am determined to learn how to fish for bass.

It’s tricky. Those critters have different behaviors based on the season, the weather, the wind direction, the water conditions … well, it can make your head spin faster than a fishing reel.

So I went to a local sporting goods store in search of advice. I saw an elderly man slowly roaming the aisles, I sized him up — probably 90 years old, sun-worn face, suspenders pulling his pants up, bass fishing cap — THIS was the man I needed to talk to!

He was friendly and happy to share his advice as he patiently took me through the mind-boggling array of lures. He taught me how to put them together in combinations that might just land a fish.

“Well, how do I use these things?” I asked. “Do I let the lure sink, make it move, do I reel it in slowly?”

His craggy face twisted up with pity and compassion.

“There’s this thing called YouTube,” he explained. “Go on there and type in ‘fishing a bass lure.’ You can learn ANYTHING on there!”

The old genteman certainly took me to school that day and also reminded me of an important lesson.

Time and again I work with marketers who claim “Our customers aren’t on social media.” But when you dig into it, they are … maybe even if they are 90 years old!

In the last two years there has been a cataclysmic shift in how people get their information. Are you sure you know where they are?

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Illustration courtest Flickr CC and Igor Menedez

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