10 Ways to Say “Thank You” on Twitter

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by Jorge Gonzalez del Arco, {grow} Community Member

A few weeks ago I was surprised to find that one of the most influential bloggers on the social web replied to me on Twitter to say “thank you” after I had shared one of his posts.

Should have I been surprised? Let’s be honest: people don’t say “thanks” very often on Twitter.

In this post I’m going to discuss about the benefits of thanking someone on Twitter after they have shared your content.

10 ways to say “Thank You” on Twitter

  1. Follow that person. If you are very strict about following people on Twitter, maybe only follow that person if he or she is related exclusively to your field of expertise
  2. Add that person to a list, if their bio (and timeline) is related to the topic of one of the lists you manage. If not, you can create a Twitter list named “Readers of my blog” (or something like it) and add that person to that list.
  3. Check that person’s timeline, and share or RT their latest blog post (in the case of a blogger) or RT one of their latest Twitter messages (even if they are not the author) if you think it could be interesting to your followers.
  4. On your Twitter “Thank you” message, you can also add a link trying to achieve some of the goals that are explained on the examples below.
  5. If you have published a book, and someone has shared one of your blog posts that is related to one of your books, you can add a link to one of your books on Amazon to your “Thank you” message, ie: “Thanks @johndoe! If you are interested on that topic, John, maybe you would like to read my book => http://link-to-your-related-book-on-amazon.”
  6. If the tweet leads to you to believe that they have just discovered your blog, you can send them a link to your email subscription landing page, alerting them that if they subscribe to your blog, they will not miss any of your new blog posts and other “exclusive content” (be sure to create that “exclusive content” for your email subscribers): “Thanks @johndoe! Subscribe to my blog, John, and don’t miss any new post and other exclusive content => http://link-to-your-email-subscription-landing-page.”
  7. If someone is really amazed by one of your blog posts, you can send him/her a link to another blog post that is directly related to the original post, saying: “Thanks for sharing @johndoe! Glad you liked it, John! Maybe you would be interested in the following post => http://link-to-a-related-post.”
  8. If someone has shared one of your YouTube videos, or has shared a post with some of your videos embedded in it, you can send them a link to your YouTube channel inviting that person to subscribe to your channel (or a direct YouTube channel subscription link): “Thank you @johndoe! Don’t miss any of my new videos subscribing to my YouTube channel here, John => https://www.youtube.com/user/your-user-name?sub_confirmation=1.”
  9. You can use the same tactic explained with YouTube in the previous point, but with other media platforms. For example, if the person shares one of your podcasts, you can invite him/her to subscribe to your iTunes podcast channel. Other idea: if the person shares one of your SlideShare presentations, you can invite him/her to follow you on SlideShare.
  10. If you are attending a conference as a speaker in the hometown of a person who has recently shared one of your blog posts on Twitter, you can send them the link with the information of the conference in case they are interested in your speech: “Thank you @johndoe! I will be speaking in your city next week, maybe we can meet at this conference => http://link-to-your-conference.”

Lastly, don’t limit your “Thank you” message to the Twitter platform. If the other person has a blog, you can go there and leave a comment on their latest blog post. Once you have reached the other person’s blog, you can add/follow that person (if you think they’re interesting) on the other social networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram… Who knows what could happen in the future with these new connections?

Clearly, these Twitter tactics require your time and effort, but your hard work will pay off! Or did you think that social media was supposed to be easy (and free)?

What about you?

Have you ever thanked someone for sharing your blog posts on Twitter?
Have you used any of these tactics on Twitter?

If you have any more suggestions for how to thank people on Twitter, share them with us on the comments section below: I promise I will thank you!

jorgeJorge Gonzalez del Arco is a teacher, a blogger and a social media consultant. He loves to help people, businesses and organizations to navigate through the social web. You can find Jorge in Spain and also on his blog www.desdealicante.com

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