Is it just me, or does it seem like the ad industry is a hot mess?

ad industry

It seems like everywhere you look the news is bad for the ad industry. In just the last few weeks, the news has reported …

  • The stock value for many large agencies is in decline as company billings fall.
  • Traditional ad impressions are down almost everywhere as newspapers, radio, and magazines struggle to survive.
  • Many of their customers — the big CPG brands — are cutting ad spending as their most valuable products struggle to be relevant to today’s digital consumers.
  • Ad blocking continues to rise in developed nations (Ad Age called it an “apocalypse”)
  • Many companies are bringing the rising areas of influence and content marketing in-house to save costs and maintain direct relationships.

Like I said … a mess.

What’s the future of Madison Avenue and how does it turn things around in this rapidly changing world? That would be a fun discussion to have … which is exactly what Tom Webster and I do in this new episode of The Marketing Companion.

You won’t want to miss this scintillating analysis!

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